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Registered Agent: Can I be my own Registered Agent?

Registered Agent: Can I be my own Registered Agent?

Can I be my own registered agent? Well, absolutely, you can be your registered agent, provided you reside in the same state where your company is established. This option serves small business owners with the advantage as these owners are their direct way to stay on top of legal and tax documents. This role involves receiving important legal documents, tax notices, and even court summons on behalf of your company. Therefore, it’s crucial to be available during standard business hours. Today, we are going to talk about registered agents and shed light on the fact that you can be your own registered agent.


What is a registered Agent?


A registered agent, also known as a resident agent or a statutory agent, is an individual assigned to receive legal documents on behalf of a business. This includes subpoenas, regulatory and tax notices, and other official correspondence. It is necessary for all limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations to have a registered agent assigned to their business. To receive crucial legal papers, this person must be accessible during regular business hours.


Furthermore, if you’re wondering, “Can I be a registered agent for my own company?” the answer is yes. The owner of a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) has the authority to elect themselves as the Registered Agent of the company. The owner can use a business address or a personal home address, but that address will be public information. However, the owner of the company cannot use a P.O. Box or parcel box as the company’s registered agent address. This is because the state requires someone from the company to be available at the location to accept the mail during business hours.


What are the Benefits of being Your Own Registered Agent?


As it is clear that you can be your own Registered Agent, the one thing that is beneficial in this process is price. By being your own agent, the question, “Do I have to hire a registered agent?” comes to an end. You have the benefit of not hiring any professional registered agent company. As a result, it will reduce your business’s annual maintenance costs.   


What are the drawbacks of being my own Registered Agent?


There are many drawbacks to being your own registered agent:


  1. Privacy– When you are your own registered agent, it will become easier for other parties to locate the company that you own. Additionally, your address and name will be available to the public on the state website.


  1. Responsibilities– A registered agent creates a layer of separation between you and the vendor that is trying to contact you. Opting for a commercial registered agent means that government notices, lawsuits, and collection notices are directed to the agent, who then reliably forwards them to you. There have been various instances where many clients operate as their own registered agents. This step can significantly result in missing out on important documents and getting stuck with hefty penalties and fees. A professional registered agent ensures that you receive every important notice by emailing them directly to you, helping to prevent such oversights.


  1. Annual Reporting– A registered agent is key for on-time business renewals, alerting you to renewal deadlines after government notifications. Wondering, “Do I have to hire a registered agent?” While self-appointment is possible, important paperwork can be missed, risking late fees or suspension for not submitting an annual report promptly. Thus, employing a professional registered agent helps ensure compliance and avoid penalties, underlining their importance in business management.


  1. Avoiding Clutter– In the US, the establishment of a corporation or LLC is public information. There are many unethical companies soliciting your business for false reports or requirements. A registered agent will assist you in avoiding this confusion and only show you the necessary formal documents. There have been many instances where owners acting as their own registered agent get fooled into filing false reports or obtaining unnecessary certificates from a solicitor that seemed to be an official government document.


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