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List of Secretary of State Websites

The Secretary of State is a state-level government official who is responsible for overseeing a variety of functions, including elections, business registration, and corporate records. Each state has its own Secretary of State office, and the websites for these offices can be a valuable resource for businesses and individuals.

Benefits of Using Secretary of State Websites

There are a number of benefits to using Secretary of State websites. These websites can provide businesses and individuals with the following information:

  • Business registration information: Secretary of State websites can provide information on how to register a business, including the required forms and fees.
  • Corporate records: Secretary of State websites can provide information on corporate records, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, and annual reports.
  • Election information: Secretary of State websites can provide information on upcoming elections, including voter registration deadlines and polling locations.
  • Other government services: Secretary of State websites can also provide information on other government services, such as obtaining a passport or driver’s license.

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How To Start a Business

Steps for Using this List of Secretary of State Websites

To use a Secretary of State website, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website for the Secretary of State office in the state where you are located.
  2. Find the section of the website that provides the information you are looking for.
  3. Read the information carefully and follow any instructions.


Secretary of State websites are a valuable resource for businesses and individuals. By using these websites, you can stay informed about the latest business and government regulations, and you can complete important tasks, such as registering a business or voting in an election.

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If you are looking for more information about the Secretary of State office in your state, please visit the following website:

List of Secretary of State Websites

State Department Business Division Business Entity Search
Alabama Secretary of State Alabama Business Services Alabama Business Entity
State of Alaska Alaska Division of Corporations, Business & Professional Licensing Alaska Corporations Database
Arizona Secretary of State Arizona Corporation Commission Arizona eCorp Business Entity Search
Arkansas Secretary of State Arkansas Business & Commercial Services Arkansas Business Entity Search
California Secretary of State California Business Entities California Business Search
Colorado Secretary of State Colorado Business Organizations Colorado Business Database Search
Connecticut Secretary of State Connecticut Business Services Connecticut Business Inquiry Search
State of Delaware Delaware Division of Corporations Delaware Business Entity Search
District of Columbia Office of the Secretary District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) District of Columbia Business Filings Search
Florida Department of State Florida Sunbiz Florida Business Name Search
Georgia Secretary of State Georgia Corporations Division Georgia Business Search
State of Hawaii Hawaii Business Registration (BREG) Hawaii Business Entity & Documents Search
Idaho Secretary of State
Idaho Business Entities Idaho Business Entity Search
Illinois Secretary of State Illinois Business Services Illinois Corporation & LLC Search
Indiana Secretary of State Indiana’s INBiz Indiana Business Search
Iowa Secretary of State Iowa Business Services Iowa Business Entities Search
Kansas Secretary of State Kansas Business Filing Center Kansas Business Entity Search Station (BESS)
Kentucky Secretary of State Kentucky Business Services Kentucky FastTrack Business Organization Search
Louisiana Secretary of State Louisiana Business Services Louisiana Business Filings Search
Maine Secretary of State Maine Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions Maine Corporate Name Search
Maryland Secretary of State Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation Business Services Maryland Business Entity Search
Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Massachusetts Corporations Division Massachusetts Business Entity Search
Michigan Secretary of State Michigan Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau Michigan Business Entity Search
Minnesota Secretary of State Minnesota Business Services Minnesota Search Business Filings
Mississippi Secretary of State Mississippi Business Services Division Mississippi Business Search
Missouri Secretary of State Missouri Business Services Division Missouri Business Entity Search
Montana Secretary of State Montana Business Services Division Montana Business Entities Search
Nebraska Secretary of State Nebraska Business Services Division Nebraska Corporation and Business Search
Nevada Secretary of State Nevada Commercial Recordings Division Nevada Business Entity Search
New Hampshire Secretary of State New Hampshire Corporation Division New Hampshire QuickStart Business Search
New Jersey Department of State New Jersey Department of the Treasury New Jersey Business Entity Name Search
New Mexico Secretary of State New Mexico Corporations Bureau New Mexico Business Search
New York Department of State New York Division of Corporations New York Corporation & Business Entity Database
North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State North Carolina Corporations Division North Carolina Corporate Name Search
North Dakota Secretary of State North Dakota Business Services North Dakota Business Records Search
Ohio Secretary of State Ohio Business Services Ohio Business Search
Oklahoma Secretary of State Oklahoma Business Services Oklahoma Search Corporation Entities
Oregon Secretary of State Oregon Corporation Division Services Oregon Business Name Search
Pennsylvania Department of State Pennsylvania Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations Pennsylvania Business Entity Search
Puerto Rico Departamento de Estado Puerto Rico Registro de Corporaciones y Entidades Puerto Rico Búsqueda de Corporaciones
Rhode Island Secretary of State Rhode Island Business Portal Rhode Island Corporate Database
South Carolina Secretary of State South Carolina Division of Business Filings South Carolina Search Business Filings
South Dakota Secretary of State South Dakota Business Services South Dakota Business Information Search
Tennessee Secretary of State Tennessee Business Services Tennessee Business Information Search
Texas Secretary of State Texas Corporations Section Texas Taxable Entity Search
Utah Secretary of State Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code Utah Business Name Search
Vermont Secretary of State Vermont Corporations & Business Services Vermont Business Search
Commonwealth of Virginia Virginia State Corporation Commission Virginia Business Entity Search
Washington Secretary of State Washington Corporations Division Washington Corporations Search
West Virginia Secretary of State West Virginia Business Division West Virginia Business Entity Search
Wisconsin Secretary of State Wisconsin Corporation Section of the Division of Corporate & Consumer Services Wisconsin Search Corporate Records
Wyoming Secretary of State Wyoming Business Division Wyoming Business Entity Search

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