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California TCP License – Vehicle Requirements

California TCP License – Vehicle Requirements

The type of vehicle that can be added to a TCP license is not subject to any specific requirements. One thing that is required is that vehicles on the TCP license should have a commercial registration. The CPUC will allow you to add your vehicle to the TCP license if you are able to register it with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) as a Commercial Vehicle.  

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Vehicle


Vendor Requirements 

  Determining if your car is satisfactory for the vendors that you are working with or intend to work with is an essential step to consider before buying a vehicle. For example, if you want to qualify as an Uber black driver in your area, then you would need to look into what type of vehicles qualify for that role before purchasing one.   BuisnessRocket advises you to check with your potential vendors or clients if the vehicle you have or are thinking of purchasing will qualify for the job. Some vendors might insist on a newer model, while other ones would only want some modifications to make sure the vehicle meets the standards they are marketing to their customers.  

Cost of Insurance 

  The insurance premium is typically higher for non-traditional transportation vehicles. The reason for that is insurance companies operate on a risk-averse basis. They tend to hike the insurance policy rates if the vehicle is not commonly used in the respective industry.   Another thing to keep in mind is that many insurance companies seem to prefer vehicles that they are sure will be used for livery transportation only. They will most likely increase your insurance cost if they think your vehicle will used for general driving. For instance, a stretch limo typically travels far less than a Prius. Because the stretch limousine will be traveling fewer miles, there will be fewer chances of an accident on the road.   If you intend to buy a non-traditional vehicle for the TCP license, we would strongly advise you to call our office and speak with our insurance specialist to assist you in determining whether your vehicle would result in any issues with the insurance companies later on. You can call one of our insurance specialists at 888-700-8213 extension 1. You can also fill out the form on our TCP license Registration page to schedule an instant meeting with us.  

Vehicle Inspection Requirements 

  You will need to adhere to the requirements of the vehicle inspection by the CHP (California Highway Patrol). Prior to usage, if your vehicle is a stretched limousine or has a greater capacity (more than 10 people, including the driver), it will need to be inspected by the CHP. Start by making an appointment with the local CHP office so they can check your vehicle before the TCP application and make sure that it is up to the existing standards of the CHP.  

Seamless TCP License Assistance at BusinessRocket

  We at BusinessRocket can help streamline your TCP licensing process with our expert team and years of experience. We have helped with over 1000 TCP licensing registrations with our skills in navigating the whole process, from application to compliance. With our dedicated support, you can rest assured that your vehicle will meet all regulatory requirements. To avail of our hassle-free TCP license service, dial 310-424-5558 or visit our website’s TCP page for more details on how we empower your success.

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