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What is a Sellers Permit

What Is a Seller’s Permit? Who Needs One & How to Get a Seller's Permit!

A Seller’s Permit authorizes you to collect sales tax on taxable transactions involving goods and services. When you sell a tangible item, the state government requires you to add sales tax to the retail purchase price of your goods and services. That is called Sales Tax. The Seller’s Permit allows you to collect the sales tax from the consumer and remit it to the government.

For example, if you sell a pair of shoes for $99 to your customer, the state where this transaction happened may have a 9.5% sales tax.

This means that the client will pay $99 to you and $9.41 to the government. Your company must charge the client $108.41 ($99 for your shoes and $9.41 for the government) and remit the $9.41 collected sales tax to the government agency at the end of your reporting period. If your company does not have a Seller’s Permit, you are not authorized to collect the sales tax from the clients. In essence, you are not authorized to sell your products to consumers.

Who needs a Seller’s Permit?

A Seller’s Permit is required for any entity (Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Sole-Proprietorship) that sells tangible products. In simple terms, if you sell a product that a client can hold or touch, it most likely requires a Seller’s Permit to sell. In some states, services rendered may also be subject to sales tax.

How Do I Know if I need a Seller’s Permit?

If you are unsure if your business requires a Seller’s Permit, you can determine this in two ways:

You can reach out to your state’s local government agency and ask if your business requires a Seller’s Permit. Secondly, Call us! (888-700-8213) BusinessRocket has processed thousands of Seller’s Permits across the country. Our onboarding team can support you through your questions, discuss the process with you & be a helpful resource for determining the most useful solutions to many of your business needs! If your company does not need a Seller’s Permit, we will let you know right away. If your company does need a Seller’s Permit, our fees start at just $149 to handle the entire process for you.

Seller’s Permit Vs Wholesale License or Resellers Permit; What’s the difference? 

First it is important to understand what each term means on top:

  • Seller’s Permit – The permit to sell a tangible good or service and collect sales tax from your client.
  • Wholesale License – The license that gives you the ability to make wholesale purchases from other vendors without paying sales tax on those purchases.
  • Resellers Permit –The permit that allows you to sell goods to other vendors without charging the recipient sales tax on their purchase. The goods are being sold to another likewise vendor and not the final consumer, and therefore a Reseller’s Permit would be required

Now that we understand what each license or permit is, it is also important to note that in most states there is only one permit that handles all 3 functions. If you plan to handle this process yourself, please ensure you are very clear with the government agency about your intention with the permit, so that you are able to determine the correct permit/license for your specific business needs.

How Do I Get a Seller’s Permit?

Each state has its own set of rules, with various thresholds and exemptions, especially for small-scale or occasional sellers. The process of getting a Seller’s Permit can be tedious and challenging. But follow these simple 3 steps to ensure you get the right information from the correct source.

  • Step 1: Research

Identify the government agency in your state responsible for the Seller’s Permit process. Each state has a different set of requirements to obtain a Seller’s Permit.

  • Step 2: Application

Contact the identified agency to receive the appropriate application for your business type. Ensure that the application matches your specific business activities, it is important to let the government agency know exactly what you plan to sell. The Government agency may require additional documents based on the goods or services that you sell.

  • Step 3: Accurate Completion

Fill out the application correctly and comprehensively. It’s essential to describe your business accurately to avoid any legal complications or delays with your Seller’s Permit Registration

While the above steps provide a basic framework, the complexities of tax laws and permit requirements can be complex for a single person to handle. To make this process hassle-free and ensure you are on the right track with tax regulations, consider reaching out to BusinessRocket! Call us at 310-424-5558, extension 1 and speak with one of our expert onboarding representatives, offering professional guidance and support to streamline the permit acquisition process. When choosing BusinessRocket you can breathe easy knowing that not only your business’s Seller’s Permit is properly registered, but your business stays compliant and efficient! Our team’s ability to support you and your business is backed by over 1000, 5-star reviews on Trustpilot!

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