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What mail can I expect after registering a business​

What mail can I expect after registering a business?

After successfully registering a business, the crucial thing to consider is what type of mail you can expect to receive from government agencies and other entities. Understanding the types of mail that are typically sent to newly registered businesses is crucial for staying informed and compliant.  

This article will review various types of mail that entrepreneurs can anticipate after registering their business, while also highlighting the importance of being cautious about solicitation requests.

Government Correspondence:

1. Confirmation of Registration: 

The first mail you can expect from the government agency or state is an official confirmation of your business registration that serves as proof that your business is now legally recognized and registered.

2. Tax Identification Number: 

Tax identification number is received from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if your business is in the United States. This number is crucial for tax filing and other business-related activities.

3. Business Licenses and Permits:  

You may receive business licenses and permits, depending on your location and industry.

4. Compliance Notices:

Government agencies may send compliance notices or informational mail relevant to your industry, including updates on legal requirements, changes in regulations, or deadlines for compliance.

5. Annual Reports or Renewal Notices:

 You can expect to receive reminders or notices regarding filing your annual reports or renewing your registration, including instructions on how to fulfill them and any associated fees.

Apart from that, Entrepreneurs should be cautious about solicitations they may receive after registering their business. These requests often come in the form of junk mail and may attempt to sell unnecessary services or documents at inflated prices.  These solicitations include:

Solicitation Requests:

1. Labor Law Compliance Poster: 

If you have employees, you may receive solicitations offering labor law compliance posters. It’s important to note that many payroll companies provide these posters for free, making it unnecessary to purchase them separately.

2. Certificate of Status: 

This document is required in specific scenarios. Instead of responding to solicitation requests, it is recommended to contact BusinessRocket. They can assist you in obtaining the certificate faster and at a lower cost compared to solicitation offers.

3. Corporate Minutes Compliance: 

Some solicitations may target new businesses by offering services related to corporate minutes compliance. However, BusinessRocket provides meeting minutes as part of their Essentials Package. Additionally, they can provide backdated minutes for any missed years at a lower fee compared to solicitation requests.


With the increasing shift towards digital systems, it is possible to sign up online with government agencies and the IRS to receive email notifications instead of physical mail. Although it is important to monitor both electronic notifications and physical mail as well as, it is crucial to be wary of solicitations and unnecessary services offered through junk mail. 

For expert assistance and guidance in navigating the complexities of business registration and compliance, contact BusinessRocket. Our experienced team can provide personalized support, help you obtain necessary documents, and ensure your business stays on the right track. 


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