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Why Should I Do LLC Instead of DBA

Why Should I Do LLC Instead of DBA?

Establishing a business is full of crucial decisions and one such decision revolves around choosing the DBA (Doing Business As) or LLC(Limited Liability Company)  as an appropriate business structure for your enterprise. 

While both options allow you to run business under your name. However in addition to this similarity, there are several differences. Choosing one or other can affect your company’s cost, compliance, requirements and other aspects. 


In the business world, a DBA and an LLC serve distinct roles. Before making up a decision , let’s delve into why forming an LLC may be a more favorable choice than registering a DBA.

1. Limited Liability Protection:

Perhaps the most significant advantage of an LLC over a DBA is the limited liability protection it offers. A DBA is not a distinct legal entity but an alias for an existing business or individual. When you operate under a DBA, there’s no legal separation between you and your business, meaning you’re personally liable for all business debts and liabilities.

In contrast, an LLC is a separate legal entity. This structure provides a protective layer between the business owners (members) and the company’s obligations. In any worst case such as lawsuits or debts, your personal assets, such as your home, car, and personal bank accounts, are generally safe.

2. The Duration and Complexity of the Registration Process:

Registering a DBA often involves more extended processes and bureaucratic hassles than forming an LLC.  It is because DBAs usually require dealings with local governments,might necessitate notarizing documents or publishing information in newspapers which is considered old fashioned.

On the other hand, LLCs, generally registered at the state level, follow a more streamlined process. While the specific procedures and requirements vary from state to state, they’re typically straightforward and can be completed relatively quickly.

3. Flexibility and Scalability:

An LLC offers more flexibility than a DBA. With an LLC, changes in location, adding new members, or modifying the operating agreement can usually be executed with ease by filing necessary paperwork with the state. Additionally, LLCs provide a solid foundation for growth and scalability. If you plan to bring in investors, issue shares, or sell your company in the future, having an LLC makes these transactions more straightforward.

In contrast, changes with a DBA could be more complicated. For example, if you move to a different county, you might need to register a new DBA in that county.

4. Optimal use of DBA:

One scenario where a DBA can be valuable is when it’s used in conjunction with an LLC or a corporation. For instance, if you have an LLC named “Diamond Lawn Services LLC” and want to do business under a slightly different name like “Diamond Lawn Care,” you could register a DBA. The business still operates under one EIN from the IRS but can now be recognized and do business under two different names.


In conclusion, while a DBA can be a practical solution in certain scenarios, an LLC generally offers more advantages. It’s advisable to consider your business needs, future growth plans, and legal aspects before choosing the right business structure. For more personalized guidance, consult with a legal or business professional.

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