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TCP License: What are the drug testing requirements for the TCP license

TCP License: What are the drug testing requirements for the TCP license

Before approving a TCP license, the CPUC mandates that all drivers applying for a TCP license first complete drug testing. Every driver on the list must enroll in a Drug and Alcohol Program that is authorized by the CPUC to complete the drug testing.

To complete the testing, you must have an authorized drug consultant who can upload the results to the pending TCP application using your TCP number. The CPUC requirement to complete the drug testing is the same for everyone, whether you are an employee or the owner of the company, if you are a driver you are required to do the test.

If you or your driver failed to clear the drug test, you have to wait 30 days afterward to repeat the test. It is advised to complete this step as soon as you submit your TCP application so that you have time left to complete the other requirements. BusinessRocket offers essential services to assist individuals in selecting a Drug and Alcohol Program that aligns with their specific requirements.

How often do I have to take the Drug Test for the TCP License?

Upon enrollment in an accredited Drug and Alcohol Program, participants will undergo random drug testing, generally administered once a year. However, a Drug Consultant can administer the test every 3 months if they choose to.  Each program mandates an annual fee for continued enrollment, and failure to maintain enrollment will lead to the revocation of your TCP license. If the need to change your Drug and Alcohol Program arises at any point, you have to notify the CPUC of the same.

It is essential to understand that the requirements for drug testing differ depending on the kind of vehicle operated. Before submitting their TCP application, drivers and all other operators of vehicles seating 16 or more passengers are required by the CPUC to submit to a drug test. Submission of the TCP application without evidence of program enrollment is not permitted for vehicles with a capacity exceeding 16 passengers. BusinessRocket connects you with authorized drug consultants who will handle the enrollment paperwork and incorporate it into your application procedure.                                                                                                         

In the case of vehicles that are designed to transport 15 or fewer passengers, including the driver, drug testing can be completed post-TCP application submission. After the application is submitted, the drug consultant is authorized to submit the test results directly to the CPUC. The significance of drug testing in obtaining a TCP license emphasizes the benefits of working with a consulting firm such as BusinessRocket, which guarantees regulatory compliance and gives access to licensed drug consultants.

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