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What is a TCP License

What is a TCP License?

“Transportation Charter Party” or TCP, is a license required for any company that operates charter vehicles in the state of California. Charter vehicles are those that are pre-arranged and charge a fare based on mileage and time, rather than the number of passengers.

TCP ensures compliance with safety and operational standards for passenger transport services and is issued by California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the agency overseeing transportation services in the state.

It is important for any type of services which includes transporting passengers for compensation, this includes services such as Uber Black, private limo, wine tours, sightseeing tours, airport shuttle, and so on. Whether you are providing a specialized tour service or operating a luxury transportation business, getting a TCP license is mandatory to run your business legally.

TCP Requirements:

To obtain a TCP license, several requirements must be met. Here are the key prerequisites outlined by the CPUC:

1. Commercial use Registration:

The first and foremost requirement for a TCP license is commercial use registration, so make sure you contact your lienholder to ensure compliance with this requirement.

2. Business registration:

A business registered in California is mandated for getting a TCP license. If you haven’t registered your business yet, it’s recommended to get in touch with the relevant agents who can assist you in obtaining the TCP, LLC, and CORP pricing. BusinessRocket offers a comprehensive package that assists with CPUC application and includes all the necessary documents for banking.

3. Insurance and drug testing:

At the end of the process, CPUC requires operators to have a commercial insurance policy and drug test on file. This will ensure passengers safety and well being. BusinessRocket have referrals or both to assist you meet these requirements.

Benefits of obtaining a TCP license:

Here are some of the benefits of obtaining TCP license:

1. Compliance:

Not issuing a TCP license can lead to penalties and legal consequences. By obtaining the license, you can have a piece of mind knowing that you have compliance with all laws and regulations set by CPUC, demonstrating your commitment to safe and legal transportation practices.

2. Trust and credibility:

Knowing that you are meeting all necessary safety standards and following regulatory guidelines will build trust in your potential clients.

3. Access to more opportunities:

Certain transportation industries may require businesses to hold a TCP license for collaboration and partnership. Having a TCP license will provide you with a broader range of opportunities to collaborate with other passenger transport industries.


In California, having a TCP license plays a vital role for businesses involved in commercial passenger transportation services. By meeting all the above mentioned necessary prerequisites, operators can obtain their TCP license and operate legally. It ensures compliance with safety regulations and demonstrates credibility in the industry. If you’re engaged in any of the services mentioned, make sure to consult the California Public Utilities Commission or their appointed agents to initiate the process of obtaining your TCP license.

Contact BusinessRocket now to streamline your TCP license application process and start operating your commercial passenger transportation business legally and efficiently. Please note that TCP license assistance is currently available for California state clients only.

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